Blazen Papillons
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Sally Hill - Papillon Breeder

Born in Abilene and raised in Odessa, Sally Hill has made a home for herself in the heart of Texas. She has two sons, Josh and Adam and five grandchildren, Adrianna, Sophia, Tyler, Brady and Jackson.

After studying the breed for more than a year, Hill adopted her first Papillon, Jazz, in 1997 after tragically losing her only daughter in an accident. Hill took solace in raising and nurturing Jazz, even taking her to work every day. She refers to Jazz as her “therapy dog,” whose loyalty and love pulled her through that tumultuous time.

Hill then decided to get Jazz a friend when she turned one and went back to the same breeder in Dallas. Mitzi, Jazz’s sister from a different litter, was then adopted and the two of them together are affectionately referred to as “the girls.” While “the girls” are exclusively pets, the adoption of the two sparked her insatiable desire to show and breed Papillons.

In February of 2003, Leonardo’s Blaze of Star (Blaze for short) was adopted as Hill’s first show dog. Blaze’s sophisticated pedigree made her a prime potential champion and Hill immediately began attending handling classes with Blaze and reading anything she could get her hands on regarding dog shows and her breed of choice. Blaze and Hill had their first dog show together in San Angelo where at six months and six days old the then tiny Blaze placed.

Since that dog show, she has grown her circle of champion dogs with the help of a fellow breeder and co-owner, Linda Riley of Dallas. Together they own champion dogs Riley’s Oscar De La Hoya (Oscar for short) and Riley’s Bellicious (Lisa for short). Her extended family of Papillons is now at 17 including “the girls” and she works hard to keep all of them socialized and training her future hopefuls.

Hill remains focused on growing her knowledge of the breed through seminars in breeding, puppies and professional panels that all assist in sharpening her dog handling abilities and her disposition in the ring. In July 2006, she became an official breeder on her own with the first litter of puppies born under her sole care. Since then she has had seven healthy litters of pups, which she feels are each dear to her heart and uniquely special.

Through her work as a breeder she believes in improving upon the selection and genetics of her pedigree. In her own practice, which she takes very seriously, she has researched the puppy process in-depth and has had her dogs screened for genetic defects before breeding. For her it is not only about her dogs being the best they can be, but being structurally and genetically sound. This unique line of canines is not only considered family, but the light of her life. Hill’s life goal is to continue exactly what she is doing now, striving for perfection in the breeding and showing of her beloved Papillons.

AKC - breeder of merit

in the beginning

Sissy Hill

after many years of love and dedication

Sissy Hill Papillon Breeder

Sissy Hill Papillon Breeder