Blazen Papillons
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Papillon, French for butterfly, is derived from the small breed’s erect ears that look similar to the wings of a butterfly. The origins of the Papillon date back to 16th century Europe. Through the years this breed has gained popularity in Italy, Spain and France, where the canine’s name evolved from “Dwarf Spaniel” to the more elegant name of Papillon.

This highly energetic and athletic breed can bring plenty of entertainment and companionship to a good home. While the dog is dainty in stature, the Papillon tends to have a “big dog” complex, taking on a strong stance against potential threats to their owners. Regal by nature, Papillons have been traced back to such royal owners as King Henry II and Marie Antoinette.

The breed consists of two distinguished looks, the first is the standard Papillon whose ears stand straight-up and the second is known as the Phalene whose ears drop down. Both types of dogs are considered the same in category by professional judging standards. These beautiful dogs have long fur coats and typically weigh between seven and ten pounds.

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