Blazen Papillons
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                PAPILLON NATIONAL 2015

Papillon Club of America Top 25

Candido - Silver GCH Blazen The Purest Of All


Papillon Club Of Tulsa Independent Specialty

March 31, 2015

Judge Cecilia Ringstrom awarded Guido - Involo Off The Wall the Reserve Winners Dog

Judge Cecilia Ringstrom awarded Marvin (Candido's son)

GCH CH Blazen Dream Of A Lifetime an Award Of Merit.

Congratulations to Tammy Tackett!!

Papillon Club Of Tulsa Independent Specialty

March 30, 2015

Judge Fred Bassett awarded Candido - Silver Grand Champion Blazen I'm The Purist Of All an Award Of Merit


Steve and Michelle Bright of Austin, TX are the proud owners of

Blazen Don't Leave Me Behind "Corgan"

Steve has done a wonderful job of training her to do

tricks.  I'm impressed!!

Click on the below link Corgan's Tricks to see video.

Corgan's Tricks

Papillon doing tricks.


Sherry Neumann and Buster in his first agility trial in November.


Grant wins BW with handler David Williams at the

Canadian Valley KC

Way-to-go Mary Kay and handler Jill Bell!

Mary Kay won a 4 pt. major at the Longview show in July.



Spanky is a new champion!!

June and I are very proud of this boy.  He completed

his championship with a 5 pt. major at the OKC

show in June.



SuziQBlazen UR Undeniable "Suzi Q"
Suzi Q wins WB and BOS at the Houston Kennel Club.  



SpankyBlazen Lord James “Spanky”
Spanky won his second major at the Faith City Kennel Club Dog Show. Congrats to Spanky and his owner June Moore.



Missy Blazen Irelands Missy “Missy”
WB/OS/BW at the Lubbock, TX show for 1 pt.


AssiSabamores U Do Connection “Assi”
New Champion!  WB at the Tulsa, OK show for a 5 pt. major.
Thank you Ron!

Blazen Lord James “Spanky”
Won the Tulsa, OK Papillon Sweeptakes.   Congratulations June!

Blazen Lord James “Spanky”
WD at the Waco show on Saturday for 2 pts.


Sabamores U Do Connection “Assi”
WB and BOS at the Belton, TX show for 2 pts.
A big thank you to June Moore and Trellis Lucas for showing Assi.



SpankyBlazen Lord James “Spanky”
WD and BOW at the Belton, TX show for a 3 pts. major out of the puppy class. Congratulations go to June and Spanky however, it was Trellis showing him! June Moore is the loving owner of Spanky.



AssiSabamores U Do Connection “Assi”
Back-to-back 4 pt. majors at the Lawrence, KS shows.
Ron and Assi made a very good team!



Sam 2nd GroupZkarabi’s Sam I Am “Sam”
BOB for Sam’s AKC Championship and placing with a Group 2 at the Lawrence, KS show.
Thank you Wade for your beautiful presentation of Sam.

Mary KayBlazen Riley’s Pink Cadillas “Mary Kay”
WB and BOS for 1 pt. at the Lubbock, TX show.


Irelands MissyBlazen Irelands Missy “Missy”
WB and BOS for 2 pts. at Dallas Toy show.
Bob and Kathy Young are the proud owners of this very special girl.