Blazen Papillons
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After a six-week search throughout our home state of Arizona, and then in Utah, New Mexico, California and Colorado, for an additional Papillon companion for us and Petey, our seven year-old male, we contacted Sissy Hill at Blazen Papillons in Jonesboro, TX. I had exchanged emails with Sissy several years ago when we discovered that Sissy’s Lisa Belle and our Petey had the same Grandmother (Sedona's Pink Jeep Tour) and Great-Grandfather (Luxxor Yankee Doodle Dandy). We completed the required Blazen Purchase Questionnaire and Sissy quickly replied back that she had two Great-Granddaughters of Lisa Belle available, Felicia and Olivia. That was way far beyond the very best good news we could ever have hoped to hear. Sissy sent us three-month and five-month pictures of Felicia and Olivia and after much agonizing; we picked Felicia to be the newest member of our family, as she more closely resembled our Petey at that young age.

The next problem was the transport of Felicia from Texas to Arizona in August when it was triple digit temperatures in both places and everywhere in between. After some more agonizing, we decided to load up the car and go to Texas and pick up Felicia, visit our Son & family, Elaine's Brother & family, making a short, hot vacation out of this, not to be missed, opportunity.

When we arrived at Sissy's on August 2, 2011, we had never seen so many happy Papillons together in one place. Her kennel’s facility is spotless and hospital clean and every Pap is personally accommodated and cared for in comfort with love by Sissy and her staff. When we found Sissy, she was giving Felicia a bath and when we bent over to say hello, we both got several welcome doggie kisses and everyone knew that the deal was sealed and done. We were able to see and hold Felicia’s beautiful parents. Hallie is the dam and is one of Sissy's Champion show dogs and the Granddaughter of Sissy's Lisa Belle.

Felichi is the sire and is an English Champion show dog. He is at Blazen Papillons on an exchange program from his home in England. Both of these parents can be proud of the four healthy offspring in Hallie’s litter. Felicia is the same Sable and White coloring with markings very similar to Petey, so they make a handsome couple and the family lineage is easy to see in the pair. The two are working out how they will live together and with us, as well. Petey has always been the "alpha dog", but now lets Felicia retrieve his throw toys and gives up his favorite napping spots to her without too much fuss. The two like to "zoom" around the house together, play tug-of-war and take long naps together with their two human subjects.

Felicia has visited the family Veterinarian and will begin Petsmart's Beginner’s Training class this weekend. She has made herself a part of the family already and the family has made her a part of us as well. We love her very much and will do our very best to follow up on the great start she got from Hallie, from Sissy and from all the great folks at Blazen Papillons. Thank you so much, Sissy, for letting Felicia become a big part of our family and lives. She gives us much joy every day.

Dean/Elaine/Petey/Felicia Lewellen
Sun City West, Arizona

Ellis, Polly, Suzi Q & Michael Stevens
Micheal's 1st birthday

Dear Sissy,

Ellis and I want to tell you just how happy we are with the two precious Paps that we got from you!

We had lost a puppy with a genetic heart disease a couple of weeks before we stopped by Blazen Kennels (5/2/11) and “lost” our saddened hearts to Suzi Q (Ch Blazen UR Undeinable)!! She is a wonderful, loving girl and is a joy to have with us! We treat her with generous love and she is quick to return the same. We feel like we were supposed to have her because Ellis wanted to get another dog right away…but I did not because I just did not want to go through the pain of losing another beloved dog. (It seems strange to say dog because we never look at our pets as anything but children.)

Suzi Q brightened our broken hearts quickly!! So much so that 6/27/11, we just “stopped by” and met Michael (Blazen Capture the Dream). He was 10 months old, so tiny (weighed 4.4#) but was a beautiful little guy with such a big personality. Ellis just wanted him so badly that I knew that Michael, too, was meant to be with us. He is so loving (NO KISSING) but we can accept that since he shows his love in so many cute ways.

It is so good for each of them to have the other one. They are jealous, but we always show equal love to them. They love each other and play so sweetly. Michael looks up to Suzi Q and follows her lead. We are so fortunate to live close to you, as you are so helpful with advice etc.. Best of all the children get to see their “Mommy” often which I think is good for them.

We are so impressed with your kennel. It is the cleanest one ever. You provide your paps with the best diet, even though it is costly (for you) and requires some mixing of beneficial vitamins and salmon oil. This is of no problem to us as we want and need a healthy pet.

Thank you so much for giving our Grandbabies such a loving and good home before their Papa and Nana actually found them and brought them “home”. They will always love you and so will we.

Love, Ellis and Polly Stevens
(Papa and Nana)

Elton, Norma and Cowgirl

Ever since we first met “Cowgirl” when she was about 3 months old, Norma was in love with her. At the time we had just lost our beloved “Boots”. After he left us, I grieved so much for his loss that I couldn’t face falling in love with another dog. But Norma worked on me and we considered a few opportunities to get another “Love Puppy”. One reason or another kept us from making a choice. Last year (October 2008), when you called saying that Cowgirl had put in her time as a show champion and was ready for a home and companionship, it didn’t take much persuasion for Norma to get me to agree. I think this might have been destined and why I was so reluctant to make the jump earlier. After we visited with you and saw all your “bundles of love” and the joy they exhibited in a home setting there was no question of our having made the right choice.

We never considered changing her name; she seemed to always be the ‘girl’ of our lives. She quickly set about training us and convincing us of her intelligence. I soon became her voice and we communicate in only that way that humans and dogs seem to be able to understand each other. But Norma was her true love. She hates it when Norma has to leave without her and go off on an errand. Yes, I know she expresses displeasure when I am out of sight too. Even when we are in different rooms of the house she has to keep checking between our two locations to make sure we’re still close by.

She continues to be the light of our lives and our love for her grows every day. The quality of this little lady is exhibited in her physical health, her personality, her intelligence, her desire to please and her love and concern for us. I am sure her physical health was one of the factors that helped save her when she was attacked and bitten badly by some unknown animal in our backyard in late August. We give thanks for the good veterinarians that pitched in to help her through the crises. Now just over three months later she has made a complete recovery and shows no signs of damage. Needless to say we watch over her much more closely now every time she “goes outside“.

She has progressed from being crate trained to being a family dog and sleeping on the bed with us. She travels with us on every long trip we take and has learned that it is fun to go places in our motorhome. Sissy, I know she learned that from you when she was very young. Her sense of ownership has blossomed from having just one toy when we brought her home to a floor full of toys that she surrounds herself with when she takes naps. The little green training ball you sent home with her after our visit last week is now one that she shares with Norma and I and we get to “play” with her by throwing it across the room and she can fetch it back somewhere close to us so we can do it again.

This beautiful little dog attracts attention wherever we go and often times strange comments. One woman in PetSmart said that she had seen papillons on TV but until she saw Cowgirl she didn’t believe they were real. Cowgirl certainly demonstrates the “Big Dog” demeanor that paps are known for. I read that they are really big dogs in “Small dog suits” and that fits her to a ‘T’.

Sissy, Thank you so much for making her available for us. We love her and cherish her and we will always know that she is who she is because of you and she will continue to be your dog too.